Super Progressive Sweepstakes

Earn entries March 1-24 for your chance to win up to $20,000 Cash!

Players Club members receive one (1) free electronic entry and earn one (1) additional electronic entry for each gaming point earned March 1-24. Receive 50x entries earned every Sunday, 25x entries earned every Thursday, and bonus entries based on tier every Tuesday before the drawing day!

*Entries must be earned by 11:59PM each multiplier day to be eligible for multiplier.*

Entry activation begins Friday, March 24 at 5:30PM.

Drawings every hour from 6PM-10PM. Wild Card drawing at 10:30PM. Members must activate their entries hourly at Newport to be eligible for selection. Swipe at any Promotion Kiosk or use your card at any game to activate your entries.

Ten (10) contestants are selected every hour to compete in a Wheel Spin-Off for a spot in the Grand Finale Drawing. All ten (10) contestants receive $200 Free Play!

At 10:30, one (1) Wild Card winner will be selected to automatically become a Finalist.

At 10:45PM, the six (6) finalists will each select an envelope from the Super Progressive Sweepstakes barrel to win $500 Free Play – $20,000 Cash!

Super Progressive Jackpot at Newport Racing and Gaming