Pigskin Picks

Weekly Picks in September | 10AM-11:59PM

Every week Tuesday-Thursday in September, stop by the Promotion Kiosk from 10AM-11:59PM to pick the professional football teams you think will win in each week’s NFL games!

Green and Gold Tier Players Club members that earn 100 same-day gaming points on Friday or Saturday will receive one (1) additional pick for that week

Red and Black Tier Players Card members will automatically receive one (1) additional pick each week, redeemable Friday or Saturday

Week 1 Winners:

1st Place: $500 Free Play     Russell T.     24550101555              13 correct     Tie Breaker – 3 points

2nd Place: $250 Free Play    Linda L.       24550119326               13 correct     Tie Breaker – 9 points

3rd Place: $125 Free Play    William C.    24550125018               13 correct      Tie Breaker – 20 points

4th Place: $75 Free Play      Emily J.       24550101626                13 correct      Tie Breaker – 53 points

5th Place: $50 Free Play      Donta W.     24550133383                12 correct      Tie Breaker – 0 points