Progressive Pick 5

Saturday, October 23 | 7pm – 10pm

Pick 5 lucky numbers on Saturday, October 23 for your chance to win up to $2,000 CASH!

Starting at 6pm, select 5 numbers from 1-25 at a Promotion Kiosk. One set of numbers for the night can be selected at a kiosk from 6pm-10pm.

From 7pm-10pm at the top of each hour, 5 winning numbers will be randomly selected. If your numbers match two (2) or more of those selected numbers, you win a prize!

Match 2 numbers for $10 Free Play

Match 3 numbers for $50 Free Play

Match 4 numbers for $250 Free Play

Match 5 numbers for $2,000 CASH!

If no one wins the cash prize, the prize will increase to $3,000 for November’s Progressive Pick 5!

Progressive Pick 5 Promotion at Newport Racing and Gaming